Grant Downie OBE is a consultant in medical & performance solutions for elite sport & industry. Grant's distinguished career spans over 34 years at the heart of professional football & elite sport; including full time and advisory positions at...


“I  like to  inspire organisations/ practitioners to acquire the necessary skills to develop performers & staff who can perform and thrive under pressure, understand their mind, body and soul, yet remain decent and balanced human beings. This will allow you to be the best version of yourself & become very comfortable in who you are but being curious why others see the world differently, tolerant to this end & humble enough to realise they may have   better solutions & it’s another learning opportunity!"




Grant's Services

A consultant in medical & performance solutions for high performing organisations & individuals across elite sport & industry, both in the United Kingdom & worldwide.


Grant acts as a critical friend to organisations by auditing medical & performance practice based upon a CQC framework. He can also support companies with recruitment by sifting applicants based upon professional & personal specifications & sitting on interview panels. He can also lead & facilitate significant event analysis into any relevant incidents & provide recommendations accordingly.


Grant is available to speak at conferences, podcasts & webinars on a range of topics including “high performance teams”, “developing leadership skills”, “dealing with confrontation”, “getting the best out of maverick personalities” & “return to train, return to play & return to perform are three very different things”.


Grant provides individualised mentoring for performance practitioners & leaders at all levels to develop their soft skills, maximise impact, embrace reflective practice & thrive in leadership roles.


Grant provides bespoke one to one physiotherapy appointments specialising in MSK injuries. Appointments are available virtually, & in person on the Isle of Arran, providing bespoke assessments & long-term management strategies to provide a better quality of life.


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